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~Lemon 4 SecretObsessions~

      The above will be the lovey outfit for this lemon~
     Warning: There is BDSM in here ( at least as much to my ability)

It was a beautiful day when Lee woke up Konoha. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining- and he was stuck in bed. He had somehow gotten hurt during  the other day and Lady Tsunade had given him the order as a precaution.  But typical Lee….

“ Two hundred and three!…argh…..Two hundred and-” Lee counted.

“Lee!” You scolded.

“Wah!” he yelled falling.

You shook your head “ I had a feeling you would be here. You never learn.”

He stood up “ ____-chan I was just-”

You helped him up “ Come on ‘handsome devil’, Lady Tsunade would punch my brains out if I let you train- And I like my brains inside thank you very much!”

Lee pouted “But I was almost done! Please _____-chan!? I will just do eleven more and then I will stop and go with you.”

You watched the ’ boy’ in front of you. You had known Lee since you both were little, and he had barely changed. He was still that same determined, over zealous little boy inside. But as you had came to see Lee had grown up- both of you had.

You smiled shook you head and sighed “Sorry Lee-”

“Then I challenge you to a fight! The first one to be pinned down loses and has to listen to the winner’s demands.”

Your face flushed. Did he even understand what he just said?! Growing up also shredded what innocent thoughts you had left. You stood there staring at Lee.

“You have been very naughty ____-chan~”

“Mmm~ Whip me again Lee-kun~”

“ ____-chan~”

“____-chan?” Lee blinked waving a hand in front of your face.

Forgetting you surroundings and acting accordingly, you went into ‘ninja-mode’ and pinned Lee to the ground holing a kunai to his neck.

“____-chan!” Lee yelled.

You snapped out of your ‘trance’ and gout off of him “Sorry Lee, I wasn’t paying attention.” You rubbed the back of your neck sheepishly. “Hey wait does this mean I win?”

“I will honor our agreement.” Lee nodded.

You sighed, you could take advantage of this guy so easily.

“Lee?” You stared up into the clouds a reddish tint forming on your cheeks “ What did you mean the other day? When you said that…”

~Flash Back~

“ ____-chan! Ihavelikedyouforareallyreallylongtimeandijustwantedtosay- I LOVE YOU!” Lee yelled.

Your eyes grew wide and you started blushing “I-uh-well…”

“Haha ___-chan has an admirer! “ Naruto smiled.

“…That is so weird…” Sakura dead- panned.

“I-I-I’m sorry!” You said flustered and high-tailed it out of the area.



….You ran over Lee.

~End flashback~

His face started to get red “ I meant exactly what I said. I am in love with you (full name).” He said seriously.
Your heart rate grew ten fold “Lee…”

“I would die a happy man if you would be my girlfriend.” He continued.

You giggled at his antics and got closer to him succeeding in turning him red. “ Do you know what that job entails, Lee-kun~ ?”

“Um…” He gulped.

The last thing he saw was a giggling you before everything slowly became dark.
“____-chan?” Lee called groggily.

“Hi Lee-kun~” You smiled sweetly.

“ (hic) You look pretty!” He smiled.

It would be a total lie if you had knocked out Lee, given him some of his ‘medicine’, and dressed up as a sexy nurse….Because you also had  your ‘bag of tricks’.

“Lee-kun~” Your voice was low and seductive as you walked over to him swooshing your hips. “Do you wanna play a game~?”

“What (hic) kind of game?” He asked excitedly.

You smirked “ In this game you’re the patient and I’m the nurse, and it’s time for your check up~”

You walked over to the tied up ninja and caressed his cheek “ If you pass the check up, you can be my boyfriend.”

“ Let us begin then!” He declared almost slurring.

You smiled devilishly. He had no clue what he was getting into.
“First we’ll have to check your pulse.” You explained and dug into your bag.

You went back over to Lee with a kunai and cut straight through his outfit. He hissed as the blade left a small cut on his chest. Your tongue quickly went to his aid and lapped up the blood.
“ Oh my Lee-kun!” You fake gasped “No underwear?”

Lee just smiled dopily. You took out a cylinder-like container and set it on the bedside.

“Let’s see what we have here~” You winked.

Your hands traveled from Lee’s chest, making him shiver, to his length down below. You slowly started to stroke and massage it, making it grow harder.  Lee moaned with pleasure right before you stopped.

“ Not-uh~” You wagged your finger “ We have to check your blood pressure now.”

You took the cylinder and put Lee’s manhood into it. A few pumps later and he grew a good three inches.

“My I didn’t think you’d grow that much~!” You smiled.

“______-chan~  I (hic) want to touch you~ Pretty please~?” Lee begged.

“Oh but we’re not even close to being down! You need your prostate checked!” You said.

You pulled out a long tube and began putting on tight white medical gloves. “For this, we can unlock these.” You said unlocking his leg restraints.

You opened the tube and put a small amount on your finger. “ First we’ll need some of this~”

Lee groaned as you inserted a finger in his only entrance, swirling it around making sure his walls were coated. Barely after five seconds he felt incredibly warm down there. Then came something large trying to probe him, in one swift motion it was pushed in and started to vibrate.

Lee squirmed and called out your name in pleasure.

“Wow, I didn’t think you’d react so quickly.” You said watching the show from a nearby chair.

Just seeing him made you hot and bothered. Your own nether regions were wet and ached for him to be inside you.
His gasps and cries of ecstasy  filled the room.

“_____-chan~ I am-” Lee yelled.

You got up from your chair and quickly placed something on the head of his length.

“Not quite yet Lee-kun~” You said.

He looked up at you with desperate eyes, you only smirked.

 “I think I’m hungry.” You pondered and slipped out of the nurse’s outfit.

Lee panted as he watched you undress. He drank in your naked form and felt an unbearable pain from his throbbing member. Seeing this you quickly got dresses in something more appropriate for outside.

“I’m going to go to Ichiraku’s ramen. I’ll be back~” You waved at the door right before turning the vibration speed all the way up.
After taking your time for lunch you went back to your house where you knew Lee would be.

“Lee-kun~ Oh shit.” You cursed.

There was no Lee chained to your bed, and the vibrater was long forgotten on the bedroom floor.

“Lee?” You called cautiously.

You mentally smacked yourself. You should have know he would have used his strength to get out. The only question was…

“Oh _____-chan~”

You yelped and found yourself hand cuffed to the bed-naked. Darn ninja skills of his!

“Now I want to play a game with you~”

Lee was no where in sight and that made you a little nervous and excited.

“ Yes Lee-kun play with me~” You practically sang.

“That was not very nice, what you did to me ____-chan.”

Lee had now appeared and to your delight was wearing nothing.

“Punish me Lee-kun~”

You squealed in pleasure as his tongue dove straight to your petals. He nipped and sucked, and you bucked your hips to make him go in deeper.


You hissed in pain as you looked up and found Lee with a crop.

“You have a lot of interesting toys in that bag.” he smirked.

He went back to the bag and returned with a new item which he placed the to little suction-like cups on your buds and a slight larger one down where your womanhood was.  He squeezed the pump of the device a few times and you moaned.

The device was like an actual sucking mouth on your most sensitive places. You mewled at the sensations it made you feel.

You went to buck your hips again but the sheer sting of the crop stopped your actions.

Your vision was obscured by a blindfold and the pressure was released. The relief was short lived as a thrust made a sharp pain shoot through your lower regions.

The trusting continued in high speed as Lee pounded himself into. You felt your stomach tighten.

“Lee~!” You called out.

You were in pure bliss! You never left something more satisfying than what you were feeling at that moment. That is until you fell completely to the pleasure and released your essence all over Lee.

The thrusts kept pounding into you and you kept cumming. Lee didn’t….
It suddenly hit you that Lee was still wearing the cock ring. He seemed to sense that you knew it too and stopped his actions.

He looked down at you. Your face was fully flushed and twisted in pleasure.  Lee’s own body was sweaty and his hair was disshelved in a hot way, not to mention his cock was still hard from lack of release.

“ Beg ___-chan~” He growled nipping your ear.

It was obvious that he wanted you, and he wanted you NOW.

“Please Lee-kun.” Your voice was about a whisper from all your screaming.

He pulled out of you making you groan., and smacked you thigh with the crop “Louder.” He ordered.

“Please!” You yelled to the best of your ability.

“What do you want me to do?” He asked “ Scream it.”

“I want you to cum in my pussy!” You screamed.

He laughed slightly “The doctor just needs to give you, your medicine~”  and went back into your slick cavern.

You both began to moan as he moved in and out of you. The bed creaked and rocked with every move.

You felt that familiar build up in your gut “Lee~!” You cried returning to the blissful state.

Above you Lee groaned and panted and your release had done it for him. He exploded his warm seed inside of you yelling your name.

He pulled out and rested on your chest. “ We should play this game again _____-chan.”

You laughed “ Yeah, um Lee-kun could you undo these hand cuffs?”

He got back up and hovered over you “ I think we should play again right now~”


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not So Exciting x_x

Ok damn computer kept keeps on lagging.That's really annoying..Okay maybe it stopped now. Today I have been messing around with little shimejis. They are the cutest thing ever! I just keep calling them chibis.

I tried to get a group picture of them. Harder than it seems. They love to roam all over the desktop! Chibi France actually flashed me twice, rose and all. You can find these little guys on Deviant Art, just type in          shimeji. They actually have some from other anime and stuff too! I love the one Undertaker (Black Butler) I have~

Chibi Britain and Prussia keep giving me those looks. Chibi Britain doesn't look amused, And I have no clue with Chibi Prussia...

I encourage you to try it! Just beware because they like to multiply in strange ways...

On to other news!...I have no other news! Okay lies yes I do. Tomorrow FIFA Women's cup. 

No clue who's going to win, I like all the teams playing tomorrow. But...I'm going to cheer for America and Japan! But I know everyone will do good!



Friday, July 8, 2011

Hello World!

Hello world Luna here! Today has been pretty uneventful. Well except the fact that my Bichon Poo had an allergic reaction to her shots. I don't recommend having small dogs get two shots at the same time...Bad idea...
Other than that there's not much to write about. The world is pretty peaceful- and by peaceful I mean quite schizophrenic.

Going to check out Transformers 3 ( I think...) tomorrow! Maybe I'll actually have something noteworthy to write! (brick'd) It's almost three hours long if I remember correctly. I can almost guarantee I will get up to go to the bathroom if there is not an intermission (which there probably won't be -_-').  Oi...

France: Prussia writes better things on his blog than you.

Me: Thanks I feels so appreciated.

France: You should just have me everywhere you write mon cherie~

Me: If that happened  I would have to censor everything -_-

France: You might have more reader that way.

Me: Where's Britain when you need him? T-T

France: Let's not waste the lovely non-existent reader's time now~

Me: If you keep this up you won't ever get your birthday present...

                                                            GOOD NIGHT~

Thursday, June 30, 2011

~Tamaiki Lemon 4 POProductions~

“A host club?” You asked.

When the Tamaki Suoh had asked to speak to you, this wasn’t really what you had in mind…

“It’s a grand idea isn’t it?” He smiled.

You studied his face as he went on with the details and the people he had already persuaded. You had known the ‘King’ from a far, one thing that didn’t change was his look. That bright eyed dreamy look always made your heart swoon.

“So what do you say? You can be a princess among-”

You smiled and stood up from the school desk “Not interested.”

The golden haired boy just grinned much to your confusion.

“I’ll find a way to convince you. I’m not giving up yet!” He winked.

Over the week Tamaki tried everything he could think of, but each attempt ended in vain. In all honesty you thought it was cute, and couldn’t help but love the attention he gave you.

“Finally some peace.” You sighed.

Unlike the rest of the filthy rich kids at Ouran, you didn’t want to rely on your family’s money and had taken up a job. You liked the feeling of accomplishment and independence, but it was tiring.

Today you ended up finishing later than normal, and immediately came home to a nice relaxing shower. You laid on your bed, towel clad enjoying complete silence-


You groaned and reached for your cell phone. “Hello?”

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair!”

Your body tensed at the sound of the voice, and you quickly went over to your window to peek outside.

Sure enough Tamaki was outside, on your lawn, with … a piano?

You quickly ran to put on your robe and walked out onto your second story balcony.

“ Tamaki what are you doing?” You covered your mouth to conceal a laugh.

“ Convincing you.” He said and began to play.

Come near and stand by me, baby.
Close enough to reach out and pull you still closer,
All that is swelling within me,
Must be a language I've never spoken Till there was you,
I fumbled try but I stumbled,
Over all my heart wants to say now,
(1) Je n'ai pas de mots,
Nothing seems to say the way you move me,
Rushing through me,
Je n'ai pas de mots,
But a promise has been made you can believe this,
From the first kiss,
It's good that I dont have to speak to know that it's real,
Je n'ai pas de mots.

Come near and talk to me baby,
How did you know you were,
The dream of this dreamer,
Oh god how I thank you for reading,
In my heart the note I didn't even Know that I wrote,
Of what I long for,
You gave me much more,
Love is standing beside me,

Je n'ai pas de mots,
Nothing seems to say the way you move me,
Rushing through me,
Je n'ai pas de mots,
But a promise has been made you can believe this,
From the first kiss,
Je n'ai pas de mots,
Oh! Nothing seems to say the way you move me,
Rushing through me,
Je n'ai pas de mots,
But a promise has been made you can believe this,
From the first kiss,
It's good that I dont have to speak to know that it's real,
Je n'ai pas de mots,
Je n'ai pas de mots,
Je n'ai pas de mots.”

You were in tears by the time he finished. You heard that he played piano, but you had never heard anything more beautiful in your life. His voice was so smooth, and each note he touched had sent your heart working over time.

“Come up!” You called to him.

He tilted his head slightly “ Are you sure?”

“It’s just me. The servants went home for the night, my (parents/parent/guardian) is on a business trip till next Wednesday.” You said.

He smiled “ Ok, I’ll meet you at the front door.”

You blushed at his smile and walked back into room composed. When you were sure he couldn’t see, you made a mad dash down the stair and to the door.

You fixed your hair and inhaled deeply before opening it with a giggle. Tamaki stood there soaking wet.

“Oops. I guess the sprinklers were on.” You giggled “ I’m sure we can find you something to change into.”
He sneezed “ Thank you.” He brought the robe closer to his lithe form and smiled “ So have I convinced you yet?”

“I don’t know…” You brought your face closer to his “ I might need some more convincing.”

Tamaki closed the distance between your lips and held your back tenderly. The kiss nearly had you paralyzed, once you realized the action you became synced. Once feeling more comfortable you put more passion into it.

Your stomach flipped with excitement as you leaned forward succeeding in making him fall back on to the bed, with you on top.

You both slowly pulled away, needing more oxygen.

“ I didn’t sing that song to convince you. I meant every word. I guess…I was too afraid to tell you.” The blush on Tamaki’s cheeks told the truth.

“ The Tamaki Suoh actually afraid?” You giggled.

He nipped your neck roughly “ Of course not.” His voice had grow huskier and lust had already begun to coat his words.

His nips began to be more playful, teasing you, until he found a spot on the crook of neck and bit down. He got a painfully pleased reaction out of you. While his lips were preoccupied, his hands went up and inside your robe to caresses your bare breasts.  

Not wanting to be the only one having fun , you untied the belt to his robe and pulled it apart. You half expected him to be naked underneath but it didn’t stop your cheeks from  turning bright red.

Tamaki chuckled and you shivered at the vibrations on your neck. “ You’re not wasting anytime. Not one for foreplay are you?”

You smirked and got off of him, only to go onto the floor in-between his legs. “On the contrary…”

You experimentally stroked his length earning a strained groan. Your eyes glazed over at the sudden power you had over him. You began working him in your hands, getting him to become harder.

The tip of his length already leaking some juices which you playfully licked off, before taking all of him into your mouth.

He looked down at you unable to control his pleased sounds as he watched you go up down. Your tongue swirled around him, rubbing him so erotically. His member twitched and he couldn’t take the sight any more.

You greedily swallowed and  lapped up all the juices getting him hard all over again.

“ I love foreplay.” You smiled.

You crawled back on to him and gasped when the positions were flipped. Tamaki got rid of your robe like you had down to him only moments ago.

“ You didn’t think you would be the only one to have a taste did you?” He murmured into your chest right before taking in a bud.

His act was only a distraction from the finger he had plunged into your warmth. You gasped sharply as it curved and pumped in and out. He worked his trick again with the other bud as he added another finger. You desperately tried rocking your hips to the motion of his fingers.

He focused on your already flushed form knowing you were close he began scissoring his fingers inside you. That was enough for you to reach your blissful state.
Tamaki smiled at your panting form “ We’re not done yet my dear____”

He lowered his head from your view and you instantly cried out in pleasure as he dipped his tongue in. He licked up all of the juices you spilled previously and let his wet appendage roam your cavern.

Your heart beat wildly and the pleasure you felt below was unbearable. Before you reached your bliss again he pulled away licking his lips.

He went over top of you in position “ Are you ready for the main event?”

You let out a light laugh “ I was ready a week ago.”

His lips found yours in a heated kiss to ease the discomfort below. You only broke away for a moment causing him to stop, but you quickly reconnected urging him to continue.

He slid in as far as he could and came out. He repeated the action with more and more vigor than the last thrust. You mewled and cried out in ecstasy and boldly tried to bring your hips for more sweet feelings.

Feeling your walls clench around him, Tamaki raised one of your legs and swung in on his shoulder. You fell in complete rapture with Tamaki not too far behind seeking his own release.

Panting and creatures of the deep night were the only things heard as you both laid on the bed exhausted. Tamaki smiled softly as he pulled the covers over both of your forms. You smiled and snuggled closer to him and rest your head on his chest.

“Now I’m not so sure I want other guys paying so much attention to you.” He laughed and drifted off to sleep.

You reached up and placed a light kiss on his forehead “Sleep now my King.” 

  (1) I have no words in french
The song is by Vic Mignogna aka Tamaki's voice actor, the whole thing screams irony if you ask me

I hope you enjoyed it! Sorry if it sucked! Thank you!



Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I made my blog all pretty now! So now it's not all sucky and blah! If you've seen on my Luna I updated The Ukitake drabbles, unless no one approved the chapter yet, but don't worry it's there! I added a bishie one shot book thing, and a reader x Hitsugaya story. Again they weren't approved yet. I admire the mods for their hard work, without them there probably wouldn't be a Luna. But I wish my stuff could be put on faster. I'm going to put that stuff on here too. So if anyone actually reads this blog, I hope you can read that and tell me what you think~

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm Back!

Wow I just really fail at keeping a blog... I hope i can do better! I now have a DeviantArt account  I'm on Luna and Youtube (despite I've only been faving stuff)

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Yay my first post!...again...Okay first order of business

What the hell is up with Aizen? First it's all like 'Yay Gin isn't really bad and He's going to kill Aizen!' :(
Sadly mistaken. Not only did Gin die-But now Ichigo decided to get up off his ass and do something! Like how many manga chapters did it take?! At least maybe Aizen will be eliminated! And I'm really sorry Ulquiorra fans, but I really doubt he's coming back. I love  him to bits too, but turning to dust is a deal breaker.

Well more later I'm tired! Good night!